SPC ensures the quality of its products, from the raw material to the finished product, as well as from the seed to the consumer’s plate. Our products are made 100% in DRC

Agro industry

SPC agro-industry produces:
1. Seeds: in our various locations seed selection and testing is carried out to secure most productive variety are used.
We produce corn, rice and casaba seeds.
2. Raw material: Corn, Rice,Casaba, Peanut, Ginger Passion fruit.

Finished products

Branded food products is distributed through a network of wholesale and retailers.
For example:

- Corn and casaba flour
- White rice
- Animal feed

We have gained expertise in the production of various agricultural crops, but also in their food transformations for mass consumption


  • Access to land

    By securing large concession of land we are in a position to allow small farmers to access, larger and better quality land to grow their crop.
  • Land preparation

    With use of our machinery, heavy load work is carried out with our agricultural equipment, increasing output.
  • Access to fertilizers and selected seeds

    We secure distribution of fertilizers at low price through our central purchasing.
  • Access to financing

    Through partnership program with local banks ( e.g. advans bank) we secure financing for farmers in our program.
  • Training

    We provide technical training to transfer know-how and share best practices in alliance with partners such as elan.
  • SPC technology platform

    Allows affectively monitor operations.
  • Sale/purchase agreement

    Producer taking part in our program are secured sale of their production as we enter off take agreement.
  • SME development

    Strategos contributes to the emergence of small sme entrepreneurs and farmer’s cooperatives thanks to its training programs.