We have set up an agro-industrial platform based on a collaborative production model with small farmers by controlling the entire value chain of the different agricultural sectors.


Strategos Plantations Company (SPC) vision is to develop large scale farms with centralized procurement processing, storage, training and research centers grouped in “Agropolis” surrounded by rich farm land made available to local farming communities.


• Access to 50,000 ha of arable land (former UNILEVER palm oil plantation)
• Access to 2 rivers: KWILU and KWENGE
• 40 km from KIKWIT
• Corn mill (4000 tons / year)
• 10.000 M2 built (housing, office, shed, workshop, ...)
• Access to 10,000 ha of arable land
• Rice and cassava mill


Boende Historic group of properties with abandoned coffee, palm and cocoa plantations and ports along river tshuapa
Kikwit SPC has acquired the former pih (ex plz, ex unilever) plantations in kwilu province with total concessions of 53’000 ha. currently trial program of direct and indirect corn production is underway with a target of producing 2’000t of corn during q1 2018
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All our agropolis and farms are located...

Close to the big cities of the DRC which will permit an effective distribution of the products.
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All our agropolis and farms are located...

In areas with a rainfall greater than 1200mm per year, which permit to grow several kinds of crops (cassava, maize, palm etc.)


We are improving the quality of life of the Congolese by offering innovative and lasting solutions with the support of small farmers


The STRATEGOS GROUP is a privately held group founded in 2005 by Congolese entrepreneur Luc Gerard Nyafé as an asset management company focused on Frontier Market.

Through his two main investment vehicules, Tribeca Asset Management (a private equity fund) and Strategos Asset Management (a Venture Capital firm), we have deployed over USD 500mio of Capital.

Over the past decade, we have successfully invested and operated in more than 11 countries and across 9 sectors.(Health, technology, agriculture, industrial goods and service, education, energy, infraestructure, security, mining).

Today Strategos holds strong market positions in Healthcare and AgroIndustries.

In 2015, we entered Africa with a presence in DRC where we have started to replicate our successful business models in Heathcare and AgroIndustry, and we are in the process of entering Education and Infrastructure.

Sustainability policy

Strategos has designed a Sustainability Policy to create a sustainable and profitable business model that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of our customers, collaborators and interest groups in general. Our policy is aligned with international sustainability trends such as the provisions of the GRI Standard, the B Companies, the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We want to propose new ways of investing, transforming the struggle for the eradication of poverty and inequality, into business opportunities.


A congolese

Luc Gerard

Mr. Gerard has a Commercial Engineer undergraduate title from the Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales - ICHEC Brussels Management School.

He obtained his MBA at IMD – International Institute for Management Development – in Switzerland.

A Master degree in Security and Defense from the Colombian War School in Colombia.

Luc is founder and main shareholder of Strategos Asset Management and Tribeca Asset Management.

Over his 20 year career he was personally involved in and led transactions for more than USD 2.0 billion. A Congolese National and a true citizen of the World he has lived and worked in 11 countries.

Luc is recognized by his strategic vision and his leadership as well as for his engagement with communities. Luc has taken part of multiple education and non-for-profit organizations such as ADIVOCA (affiliate of USAID), the Business faculty of the Universidad de Los Andes and he is also a regular speaker in multiple universities and business schools throughout the world.

He created the FLY (Foundation Luc Gerard Yaliki), to foster healthcare and education in the DRC provinces and the Tribeca Institute, a Think-Tank to promote better governance and leadership.



Looking for long term sustainable growth and progress for the areas where the Company works. Strategos main shareholders have created FONDATION LUC GERARD YALIKI – “FLY” for children and youths development.

FLY establishes extracurricular programs and targets children and teenagers at a vulnerable age helping them get a sense of purpose and community.


We believe that to achieve our goal we need to build strong partnership and alliances with like minded parties who work with the same objective of achieving sustainable development through intelligent agriculture. In that sense we have entered or are in the process of entering agreements with some of the most active organization in DRC in the agricultural space.